Metal Forging & Fabrication

Dating back to at least 4000 B.C., forging is the oldest form of metal work known to man. Early man used metals, like bronze, iron and gold, to craft items such as hand tools, jewelry, and weapons. This form of metal manipulation continued to be the primary means of metal fabrication until the end of the 19th century, when in 1856, the invention of the Bessemer steel making process created a major breakthrough in the forging and metal fabrication industry. Forgers now had access to a massive supply of low cost steel to produce large quantities of metal works at once.

At the turn of the 20th century, the forging industry was greatly impacted during the Industrial Revolution, a time when better equipment and more efficient processes were developed at a rapid pace. World War II also had a huge impact on the development of better equipment for metal fabrication, because the ability to rapidly produce items from metal was so essential to the war effort.
Thanks to advancements over the last century, forgers and metal fabricators today now have the ability to create metal works with computer controlled hydraulic and air hammers, giving us a new level of creation and efficiency.
Here at the Forged Timer Company, we are still inspired by the processes used in the past, while also making use of modern technology. Thanks to each of these technologies, we have the ability to weld, shear, break, notch, and cut any type of metal to create steel signs, steel table bases, and door frames, to name just a few. We can create it all...from large custom items all the way down to smaller items like coat hooks, door hardware and picture frames. And yes, we still use the trusty hammer and anvil! If you are interested in any type of metal work, or a custom metal creation of any kind, call or email us today!